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Crushed Shell: Decorative applications. Driveways. Walkways. Cart paths. And more! Washed Shell: Strictly for decorative use. Placing in traffic areas will cause the product to break up creating sharp pieces that could potentially be harmful to people and pets.


Crushed Shell Pervious Pavers *Denotes materials that were not originally found within Miami''s historic districts and require HEPB Approval. similar original material shall not be permitted. DRIVEWAYS AND WALKWAYS Re-paving of an existing driveway must be in the same location, configuration, and material as the original.

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 · The current 10 yo driveway is 3/4" stone well packed in and solid. I''d love to have the look of a shell driveway. I guess I need to keep diggin. ish For what it''s worth - I looked at what nps did at ramps 25 and 32, and the inside road at 49, 48 rise and the 45 parking area. Looked like a clay/shell mix topped by crushed shells by the ...

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The Flori-Stone 0.5 cu. ft. Sea Shells are natural sea shells collected from the Atlantic Ocean. These shells can be used for pathways, walkways and as a decorative ground cover. Each natural shell is unique and chosen for its 1 - 3 in. size and attractive white color. These sea shells cover approximately 3 sq. ft. when spread 2 in. D.

Crushed Sea Shells

Crushed shells are actually a very effective surface for walkways and driveways and, when bought in bulk, can be very affordable. Certainly, if you go to a local feed store, bagged seashells can be extremely expensive but if you can manage to use a couple of cubic yards or more, seashells are comparable in price to crushed stone.

Shell oysters installation on concrete driveway

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9 Popular Driveway Options to Welcome You Home

A natural crushed-shell driveway can be very beautiful and is usually quite cost-effective. Coming in three main varieties—clam, oyster, and scallop—these drives range in color, from off-white ...

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Bulk Crushed Oyster Shell and Oyster Shell Flour. $ 14.95 – $ 45.95. Myco Supply offers bulk crushed oyster shells and oyster shell flour for a variety of different projects. We also offer bulk crushed clamshells. Great for bocce ball courts, driveways, and walkways.

Ok, talk me out of crushed shell paths (again)

Ok, talk me out of crushed shell paths (again) Every year at this time I begin thinking about ways to mow less--and also spend less time topping off organic mulches, which seem to rot instantly in this weather. And every year I''m drawn to the idea of covering much, or even all, of the back yard paths and sitting areas with "washed shells".

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Certain crushed shell varieties can even be used to make functional walkways and driveways with a white color that is significantly different than standard asphalt or concrete options. 1

Sea Shell Driveways and Walkways

Sea Shell Driveways and Walkways. Create a classic New England look with a crushed sea shells driveway, walk or gathering area. We provide quahog shells that are inexpensive, clean and odor free.

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 · As the shell breaks down it adds calcium and chitins to the soil. Chitins are used to make an ingredient in many fertilizers which helps to stimulate plant growth and help with resistance to certain fungi. When used for driveways and walkways, this natural fertilization may add to that dramatic look of white shell against lush green grass.

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Shell. Our Washed Shell is great for decorative landscaping and plant beds. It can also be used for driveways, walkways, edging and garden projects. Anywhere you use mulch, you can use shell. Crushed shell provides plants with calcium and minerals as the shells decay which make it a great way to help your plants stay healthy.

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Small crushed stone or shell Gravel, stones or shells in a driveway make a decorative support. However, for a more decorative look, crushed shell and stone can also support the needs of a driveway, as long as the material is properly supported and installed.

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 · When I first starting coming to Sanibel, I loved shelling in driveways. It cracked me up to find whole shells mixed in with the crushed pieces. We''ve been doing a few projects around the house the last few weeks so one of the projects was to freshen up the crushed shell in the walkway to the house. Clark bought a few of these bags….


A historically accurate substance like crushed oyster shell on driveways, walkways, parking lots and shipyard sites gives way for historical recognition, gives an air of …

What is the best gravel for walkways?

 · Common types are: crushed gravel, crushed limestone and pea rock. For a path that''s more formal or longer lasting than a mulch path, consider washed gravel, crushed stone or crushed shells. These materials last indefinitely and only need occasional weeding to look their best. Also, what is the best stone for a walkway?

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Florida Washed Shell Venice Hauling Delivers! Those of us fortunate enough to live in Florida, and some other coastal states, have a unique material available for use in landscaping, road making, path ways, xeriscaping, and whatever you can think to use it for; washed shell.As the name says, this material is shell that has been washed at least twice. . This shell is mined locally and is a ...

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Oct 11, 2016 - Crushed Oyster Shell used as an aggregate in concrete driveway

Sustainable Oyster Shells

After moving to the US and attending graduate school in New England I came to love the classic Cape Cod look of crushed seashell used on driveways and walkways. With my background in ocean and marine science, I developed partnerships with local oyster growers whose families have been farming in the region since the mid-1800s.

Inland Shell

Inland Shell is a great alternative to other types of ground cover and base materials. Crushed Shell is used for Paths, Driveways, Parking Lots, and ground cover. You can purchase all shell in bulk or buy the bag. The Inland Shell Comes in four sizes Fines, 1/2" Shell, 1 1/2" Shell and Inland Reef Shell. We deliver nationwide, Call us today….

Bulk Crushed Clam Shells

Looking for bulk crushed clam shells? We are a U.S. based company that offers pure, clean and processed crushed clam shell in bulk quantities. ... For driveways, walkways, retaining walls and more, crushed clam shell adds depth and historic strength to your hardscape designs. Learn More.


Our products have been used in bocce courts, walkways, driveways, historical projects, water filtration, reef restoration projects, and more. Please contact our distributor Myco Supply at 888-447-7319 for more information or to order a sample pack which includes a variety of different grades of crushed oyster shell.

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Crushed seashell driveways are natural, beautiful, organic, and embrace the ambience of Cape Cod. A fantastic option to gravel, crushed shells can be utilized on paths, patios, courtyards, driveways, as well as bocce ball courts (the shells do not trap water or even imprints from shoes and balls). As the shells are stepped on or driven over ...

Sand Shell

Shell Sand can be used to create natural walkways, pathways and driveways. Once sand shell is installed, it takes a few weeks before complete settling occurs for the shells to appear (watering in is recommended). Shell quantities vary. The minimum quantity for delivery of this product per order is 5 cubic yards. The maximum is 10 cubic yards.

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Oct 30, 2017 - Explore Chris Whitaker''s board "Shell Driveways" on Pinterest. See more ideas about backyard, landscape design, front garden.

crushed shell for driveways walkways

Driveways Bulk Crushed Oyster Shells A historically accurate substance like crushed oyster shell on driveways, walkways, parking lots and shipyard sites gives way for historical recognition, gives an air of prestige to the location, and provides an eco-friendly, beautiful space that is fully functional and long lasting at the same time.

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Combine with brick for contrast in driveways. . Create Tabby Stucco for retaining walls and foundations. . Terrazzo Contrete barbeque spaces. . Create custom pavers and stepping stones for keystones and design work. . Create intricate, unique walkways and pathways.

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Crushed shell driveways look, feel and function much like gravel driveways. Like gravel, crushed shell will assist in erosion control and limiting runoff and will function well for driving and parking, all without competing with your house for attention. Choosing crushed shell for your driveway is also a great way to continue the beachy feel of ...

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 · Crushed Sea Shells can be used in your garden or landscape, and as driveways and walkways. - An appealing alternative groundcover. Crushed clamshells are the cheapest in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, where it''s $10 per ton, $14 per yard, or $0.53 per cubic foot for 1" size washed White Seashells. are in your mind including where to find a ...

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Website Directions More Info. (302) 645-5966. 22602 Harbeson Rd. Harbeson, DE 19951. From Business: East Coast Structural Movers, Inc. offers a variety of different services. These services include house moving/lifting, installation of helical piles, demolition…. 6. The Rock Pile. Crushed Stone Mulches Paving Materials.

Crushed Seashells

Crushed shells are actually a very effective surface for walkways and driveways and, when bought in bulk, can be very affordable. Certainly, if you go to a local feed store, bagged seashells can be extremely expensive but if you can manage to use a couple of cubic yards or more, seashells are comparable in price to crushed stone.

Hardscaping 101: Seashell Paths and Driveways

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